Is Anyone Out There?

If Facebook is part of your business development plan, now is a good time for you to ask: is anyone reading your posts? This is the big question in social marketing -- because no matter how brilliant your thoughts, it doesn't matter if nobody's reading them. The most...

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Leading or Lagging

Guess what? Your customers are worried about you. They’re concerned that you might not be keeping up with technology. They think about how you’ll use technology to do a better job for them. Guess what else? It doesn’t matter if you call them customers, clients,...

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Social Media? Yes, But….

Social media has become increasingly important – and for good reason: once considered exclusively a B2C tool, it is now almost universally recognized as a key to B2B success too. But one aspect of it has been overlooked.  Let’s face it: it’s very nice to post on...

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Selling Real Estate: Focus, Focus, Focus.

Everyone selling residential real estate knows that social media works. But as with any other marketing tool, success relies on good execution. That, in turn relies on a plan built around the understanding that social media is best used to reach one – or maybe more –...

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Celebrating a Great First Year

As we finish our first year in operation, I’m pleased to report that we’ve recently signed with four new clients. It’s our honor to represent: GAMMA REAL ESTATE A boutique commercial real estate lending and development firm based in New York QUONTIC BANK...

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