Selling Real Estate: Focus, Focus, Focus.

Everyone selling residential real estate knows that social media works. But as with any other marketing tool, success relies on good execution. That, in turn relies on a plan built around the understanding that social media is best used to reach one – or maybe more – very narrowly defined, highly focused target audiences. The more narrowly focused the better. Here’s why.

Each of us lives with a narrow band of ideas, opinions, lifestyles, income, etc. You know: the silos. But the narrow silos in which we live – our jobs, neighborhoods, clubs, baseball teams – are models of multiculturalism when compared with our lives on social media.

Social media offers a never-before opportunity to home in on a very precise audience. The best practice now, I believe, is to push that opportunity to its maximum. Focus on a market segment so small it would be akin to a tiny bullseye on a giant dart board. Use that to create a message to your target that will spark a significant emotional response. Forget the head; this is all about the heart.

An extremely narrow focus on a market might reach only 50 people. Maybe fewer. But those perfect 50 will relay your message to their perfect equivalents, who will do the same to their perfect equivalents.

No, not everyone who shows up at a model will look, sound, and dress alike. There’s just enough overlap in our social media silos that it will reach the broader range of age, career, marital status, etc. one would expect to see.

In other words: to go broad, start as narrow as possible.

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