Is Anyone Out There?

If Facebook is part of your business development plan, now is a good time for you to ask: is anyone reading your posts? This is the big question in social marketing — because no matter how brilliant your thoughts, it doesn’t matter if nobody’s reading them.

The most important factor in getting people to read your posts and – more importantly – pass them along, is relevance.

What your business contacts want from you — the expert in your field — is information that is relevant and useful to them. If, for example, you’re a zoning law maven, and much of your audience cares about zoning laws, post short messages about how they might be affected by a proposed change. Important: include a link to the blog on your website. That’s the place for a longer (if absolutely necessary) version with more detail.

Got some vacation pictures to show off? How about a video of your kid’s school play? That’s nice, but save that for your personal or family Facebook page. Likewise jokes, celebrity gossip, or brisket recipes.

Remember: frequent, short posts are more effective than long pieces posted less often.

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