Leading or Lagging

Guess what? Your customers are worried about you. They’re concerned that you might not be keeping up with technology. They think about how you’ll use technology to do a better job for them. Guess what else? It doesn’t matter if you call them customers, clients, patients, or investors.

When it comes to incorporating new technology, your customers want to know: Are you leading or lagging?

Now, you might argue, reasonably, that customers shouldn’t care how you make the sausage, and that all customers want is results. Good results include anything from on-time deliveries to a win in court. You may think that customers don’t care about your system enhancements or upgrades, but you would be wrong.

Most people in business today – whether or not they will admit it – have an abiding faith in technology and its ability to improve just about everything. Because executives are attracted to the next shiny thing on the horizon, they want to feel that you’re on top of the latest and greatest.

So, part of your task in keeping clients happy is letting them know you are constantly evaluating and testing new and better systems, all designed to serve them better.

The best way to tell your customers (and potential customers) what you’re doing in tech is to use tech to get out the message. Our suggestion: make your tech progress part of your regular social media messaging.

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