You need to make sure your target audiences know about you

That’s a key way to generate awareness of your brand.  There’s an overwhelming volume of information available from an overwhelming amount of sources.  How can you break through to have a meaningful impact?  One key factor is earned media.

Achieve success

I have decades of hands-on experience in strategy and implementation to obtain great earned media – publicity – via print, broadcast and social media platforms. It’s how I have helped my clients generate more business over the years. And that’s how I can help you achieve success by reaching — or exceeding — your business goals.

And, from my team of service providers, I can help you address many of your needs, whether they involve content, social media, website, event planning, speechwriting, graphics, media spokesperson training, or advertising.

  • The 2016 New-Word Crop Is In

    The 2016 New-Word Crop Is In

    If it’s May it must be New Word season at Merriam-Webster. This year’s crop has a few that left me scratching my head. Dox was new to me. It’s a verb meaning: to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge. (The split infinitive comes from M-W,…

  • Oh, No They Didn’t!

    Oh, No They Didn’t!

    And speaking of dumb comments on Twitter, some announcements are best left unsaid. I guess we assumed that T-Mobile would cover 100 percent of a city such as ours. We guessed wrong. This is classic BADvertising, leaving the reader to wonder just how awful T-Mobile was before, and why doesn’t it cover all of the city.…

  • Stop! Don’t Send That Tweet.

    Stop! Don’t Send That Tweet.

    Really. Just put the whole matter out of your mind. You don’t need to share with the world your feelings about Prince’s death, Prince Harry’s children, or Newton’s Principia. Or much of anything else for that matter. And why? It’s because nobody cares. Sorry, but somebody had to tell you. You’re wasting your time. Worse,…


Ten plus year relationship

From our ten-plus year relationship we’ve seen some outstanding results.

Ken Levien

Owner, Levien & Company

Appreciate the sense of humor

We appreciate your counsel, your responsiveness, your follow-through, your familiarity with our industry, and last but not least – your sense of humor.

Michelle Galindez

Director of Marketing, WSP

Proactive and smart communications

Your group has been there every step along the way, proactively and smartly communicating our salient messages to our diverse audiences with all the modern tools of effective public relations.

Tony Malkin

Chairman, Empire State Realty Trust

Immense value

Your firm has been of immense value to my company and to my many projects.

Jeff Katz

Owner, Sherwood Equities

Delighted to recommend

I have been using David Grant PR, Inc., very successfully and happily and am delighted to recommend David Grant to any organization seeking great PR representation. David is amazingly well connected with a wide variety of real estate reporters and editors, which has helped him arrange many interviews and other coverage that have led to terrific additional visibility for my firm.

Joshua Stein

Joshua Stein, PLLC

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