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…above the noise

The marketplace of ideas has never been more crowded, confused, and diffuse. This can be a problem for smaller and mid-sized organizations competing for attention against mega-corporations with millions to spend on communications. Helping businesses and NGOs compete for attention is our specialty. Our 40-plus years of success comes from a thorough understanding of how media people think, being able to integrate elements of old and new media, and fully considering how people absorb – or don’t absorb – information.

The Key: Understanding Newsability©

That’s our process to help you uncover and tell the world what you’re doing, where you’re going, and why your organization is special. What makes something news? Why should it be on LinkedIn? How should it be linked to your blog? Which editors will find it interesting? Understanding this, and more, is how we achieve success for our clients.

Your firm has been of immense value to my company and to my many projects.

Jeff Katz

owner, Sherwood Equities

We appreciate your counsel, your responsiveness, your follow-through, your familiarity with our industry, and last but not least – your sense of humor.

Michelle Galindez

director of marketing, WSP

From our ten-plus year relationship we’ve seen some outstanding results.

Ken Levien

owner, Levien & Company

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